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Dubai is the second home of millions of Indian, who are working and is dwelling with their families for a long time. The entire world knows the Dubai for its mega structured building and high-tech engineering monuments. Apart from this, it’s one of the top destinations for the tourists across the Globe, there are many five star hotels and restaurants who known for serving all kinds of the cuisine of other countries. Although for the travelers who are looking for Indian restaurants in Dubai for all Indian cuisines then stick to this post. We have ready down the list of best Indian restaurants in Dubai to feel like home Arab world. These are highly rated Indian food corners which offer quality food at genuine prices. Apart from Indian and Arab people, people of other cultures and countries enjoy the Indian cuisines again and again. So without much ado, let’s start!

What special in Indian Cuisine?
Indian cuisines are known for the spicy flavor and ingredients, which makes the Indian food famous over the World. The freshness of cuisines of India is now available in various Indian restaurants of Dubai, which are known for serving the first class Indian food. These restaurants have the best Indian chefs to bring the taste of India direct to your plates. Indian restaurants welcome all foodies who loved Indian cuisine in Dubai.

Popular Indian Restaurants in Dubai
For all Indian food lovers, we have pinned down the popular Indian Restaurant in Dubai, which are the second home for the Indians to taste and experience feel like home.

Rang Mahal – The Home of Tasty Food

Rang Mahal – The Home of Tasty FoodRang Mahal is the first Indian Restaurant which comes in mind for the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. It’s the colorful place with best serving services. The mouth-watering dishes and exciting menu of Indian cuisines make you baffled to place an order. For all foodies, the Rang Mahal by Atul Kochhar is a complete package of Indian traditional food, where people of other countries appreciate the taste of Indian dishes. This Indian restaurant is located in the Business Bay on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. At Rang Mahal restaurant one can enjoy the best Indian brews and cocktails along with bar bites in the lounge area. You can taste the Indian food in the time frame of 6 PM – 11:30 PM.indian buffet restaurants in dubai

Amal Restaurant

Amal RestaurantThe Armani Hotel in Dubai is known for offering best Indian food cuisines that have the awesome cooking technique and combine the Indian spicy ingredients to reveal out the richest taste of India. Along with the Indian dishes you can enjoy the customary musicians like live music which enrich your dining moments more memorable. The present the unique dining style with the menu of regional dishes and backed by capable chefs with great cooking skills, who accelerate the color and taste of the dishes to the next level. To have the dinner at the Armani Hotel, you can visit amid 7PM-12AM at location Level 3, Armani Hotel, near Burj Khalifa.

Chutneys Restaurant – Bur Dubai

Chutneys Restaurant – Bur DubaiFor the mouth-watering Indian food, we recommend visiting once the Chutneys Restaurant in Dubai. They have a great way of serving the dinner just like the premium class dining integrated with pure ingredients and expertise. For tourists who are looking to have the Nawabi flavors of the frontier regions of India, they can switch to Chutneys restaurant for a mouth-watering experience. The delicious biryanis, curries, and kebabs are the key dishes hit on the menu. For sweet lovers, there is a sweet course which includes saffron cakes honey, pistachio with live entertainment by Ghazal artists. This food corner is located in Bur Dubai, 19th street, Oud Mehta Area with timing 12PM-12AM.

Ravi Restaurant – Satwa Roundabout

Ravi Restaurant – Satwa RoundaboutRavi Restaurant is marked as the top famous Indian Restaurant in Dubai, which always pinned in the list of best Indian restaurants of Dubai. You can ask anybody on the road for best popular Indian restaurants in Old Dubai, we assure the Ravi Restaurant name will come in first in mind. At Ravi restaurant, one can enjoy the delightful and mouth-watering spicy dishes with buddies. They have the attractive menu which holds an appetizing list of dishes, and best for the budget as well. It is located near satwa roundabout, shop no. #245, Al Dhiyafa Rd. Open amid 5AM-3AM.

Zafran Restaurant

Zafran RestaurantZafran is famous for offering the contemporary Indian cuisines with exciting dining arrangement at a pocket-friendly priced menu. The menu covers the Indian cuisines which cooked with the Indian and international ingredients. People who visit Zafron for the first time they feel worthwhile enjoying the tasty Indian traditional spicy dishes. Along with the spicy food, you can taste the Indian sweets like rasgula, Kheer, Mong-dal halwa, and more. Its worth place for tourists who looking for best Indian restaurants in Dubai, it’s located at Dubai Marina Mall, ground floor. Open amid 12PM-12AM.

Indian food is appreciated in many countries of the world because of the spices and herbs used for cooking delicious dishes. For people who loved Indian dishes or who want to taste the cuisine, they can visit these listed Indian restaurants in Dubai. If you’re not in the mood for outing dinner you can order food online via online food portals too. Yes, in Dubai you can order your favorite cuisine through portals like Talabat and Zomato food corners. They offer the online delivery of food right to your doorstep.

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Indian Restaurant in Dubai – Feel Like Home