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Have you ever heard of the saying “There is no friend as loyal as a book”?

Those of you who have been quite a reader from a while might know that once you start putting yourself into the pages of a book you start to aspire more. As you all know from years books have always been an important part of the society but its real need is today more than ever.

If you are a true book lover you already are aware of the different genre of books available, there are fiction, philosophy, drama, and many others. But do you also know which one of these genre books you should be reading right now, Personal Development books.

These books are a must read nowadays as above all one needs to focus on his/her own growth. There are some of the best fiction self-help books and psychology best self-help books for you to bring home, sit down and read.

The readers in the UAE can always purchase one or more books on self-development from Jamalon which is an online book store in the area.  In case you are ready to start with a book of this genre here are some of the choices for you:

  1. Best You Ever by Lester and Meera

Personal development is basically something that revolves around the concept of being a better version of who you are today and that is exactly what Lester and Meera offer in their book Best You Ever. The book ought to help a person to reach a higher level in various aspects of life day by day.

It provides readers with daily tricks and tips on how to be smarter, happier, younger, and, relaxed. You can follow these tactics to fit in properly with the corporate world without losing your cool. If you want you can also read it reviews on the store’s check out the page for better decision making.

  1. Living in the Sweet Spot by Amy L and Baltzell

On the self-help category on the portal out of all another book that you can get for yourself for self-improvement is living in the Sweet Spot: Preparing for performance in Sport and life that is authored by Amy L and Baltzell. The book is dedicated to helping a person stand out when it comes to facing those moments of life when one needs to show his conduct.

To those who are into any sports, this book acts as a guide to help them do their best under pressure as it gives examples of some prominent sportspersons and other people of different fields to help the reader understand better. Plus while buying this or any other book you can carry out sayings by making use of Jamalon Promo Code on your purchase.

  1. You Better Stand your Watch by Dr. Emmett Emery, Sr.

Are you looking for a book that will help you enhance your leadership skills? In case you are then this book is the one for you. In You Better Stand your Watch, Dr. Emmett Emery, Sr. tends to help those who are leaders of some firms or in general for a person to better decision making in their businesses.

It covers the ethical values that one must not forget as a leader if they want their business to prosper and leadership to grow furthermore.   As such you can buy this book anytime from the store but its other alternative is that there are person development books pdf as well that you can download.

  1. Kabbalah Revealed: The Ordinary Person’s Guide to a more Peaceful Life

Talking about the best self-help books at Jamalon, the authors Laitman and Rav Michael give one to the readers that will help them find your inner peace. As much important it is to develop your skills and thoughts it is also necessary that you are soothed from within perhaps it is the most crucial factor of personal growth.

The Kabbalah Revealed is made of 6 chapters that give out different aspects of the early wisdom of Kabbalah. To help you reach your peace profoundly the initial chapters of the book tells about the reason why the present world is at the state of chaos. After that, it tells how an effort for a positive change can be a support to reach peace.

  1. Mike Dooley’s Manifesting Change: It couldn’t be easier

To grow as a person the most important factor is exhibiting change because until and unless you don’t decide to change you will never be what you desire. The international author Mike Dooley tries to explain the same to the audience through his workpiece on Manifesting Change and also writes about the fact that it can be an easy thing to do.

He tries to guide the readers to the path where they can follow their dreams and take necessary actions in order to achieve it. The book contains stories and analogs that describe a person’s existence, their purpose and what they deserve. The idea of change that this book follows   is enough for it to be one of the most powerful books for self-development.

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  1. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Do you really know what personal development is? Or what does it accounts for? Every step that you take towards growth is to be happy eventually. The Happiness Project written by Gretchen Rubin is a popular pick among the children as it lies among the best books for self-improvements for students.  A book that can lead them to happiness and self-enhancement is a significant weapon for the students on the road to growing up in this world.

In the book, the author explains a year-long effort to realize what true contentment is and what actually fulfills a man’s quest. The book is a blend of classical philosophy and science along with this world’s reality. The journey of a one-year mentioned in this text is surprisingly relatable the transformation.

  1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Whenever it comes to best self-improvement books of all time you can always count on Dr. Norman Vincent Peale for his work The Power of positive thinking. The book as the title only suggests fosters the reader to set a positive mindset throughout to gain more than you have and to be successful. It basically intends to make people believe that happiness can be achieved by having a positive approach to life.

Once you read this book, you will know how to keep your inner voice in control and maintain your positivity as the biggest barrier that stands in the way of success are we ourselves. Therefore by reading this book can feel the need to think positive.


Even when you are busy you must find time for self-maintenance and yes there are a number of ways to do it but books the most efficient way to do it. At Jamalon, the people in the UAE looking to grow on a personal level can find the best personal growth books from varied authors. Here are a few choices in these types of books that you can choose from.

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