Dubai Ramadan 2019- Complete Undiscovered Tourist Guide Free

Don’t you think that the festivals are one prime thing that keeps us connected and engaged in our history?

Well, this is the beauty of festivals that it brings you back to where you belong no matter how far you might have gone in life besides who doesn’t like some peaceful happy times when they can go on a vacation or outings to some other place with their loved ones?

We have countless religions and cultural diversities across the globe and each one of them carries the same motto to spread love and harmony. Plus, it keeps our faith in our heritage very much alive. One of the biggest and significant festivals that lie among the others is the festival of Ramadan that is celebrated in the Muslim religion.

What is Ramadan?

What is Ramadan

Are you familiar with what happens during this festival and what is the reason for its celebration?

The holy festival of Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month as per the Islamic calendar each year for an entire month. In this month the Muslims recite their sacred Book the Quran, carry out self-examination, and fast from dusk till dawn called as Sawm. Iftar is the feast one can have after the sunsets with their family and friends. This month is said to be the time when a person can renew their self by following these things with a pure heart and soul.

If you are not aware from when is Ramadan starting this year you should know that each year the date is decided as per the sight of the crescent moon after the new moon, therefore, every time it falls 11 days earlier than the preceding year. In 2019 Ramadan will begin on May 5th and ends on June 4.

Are you going to Dubai this Ramadan?

This festival counts as one of the few major exhibits of the Muslim tradition and its heritage that you surely would want to know more about. So why don’t you pack your bag and fly away to an Islamic country to experience the enlightening and charming environment around the place?

Travel Dubai Ramadan

There possibly cannot be a better place than Dubai to spend your Ramadan at since it is already a popular choice for tourists and going there during the biggest festival of the year would be cherry on top. You probably are wondering is it ok to visit Dubai during Ramadan? Then your answer is why not. Even though Dubai in Ramadan for tourists is not as glorious as other days, there is nothing wrong in going to the place if you want to know about the culture.

There are many things to do from shopping, trying out exquisite food devoted to the festival like Ramadan buffet Dubai, being an audience to various traditional events, etc and there are few amazing places to visit in Dubai during Ramadan.  This time of the year is your best chance to get you and your family a cheap all inclusive holidays to Dubai because of many reasons.

Enjoy The Traditional Meal of Ramadan at Dubai

What to eat in Ramadan dubai festiva month

Are you going to travel all the way to the city of Dubai during this festival and not try iftar? It is an evening meal that the local people have past sunset in order to break the day-long restrained from food and water. How can you be fully involved in the occasion if you haven’t had its taste yet?  There are numerous Ramadan iftar offers that can be availed to grab a full iftar meal at pocket-friendly prices.

Although many restaurants and cafes shut down a little early during the celebration month than the usual hours there still are some eateries where you can dine or in case you are tired and don’t feel like going out, you can always have your food delivered back to your place where you can dine with ease.

There is numerous online food delivering services available in Dubai one such as Deliveroo from where you can make your order. Before you go through with your selection you can also check out few of the exclusive Ramadan restaurants offers in Dubai and then place your order so that you can save some of your money and keep the budget in control.

To get to know about a different culture, their history, and the way they follow and do things is a great adventure in itself and food is the strongest way to define a region’s tradition. So if you have a thirst to learn about this festival you got to know its food first.

Since you know about iftar now why don’t you give a shot to preparing your own iftar feast to have an even more realistic experience without even heading out to find a good iftar serving place? Once you are all set at your stay home all you have to do is collect the ingredients that are required to cook the feast. Well, it is somewhat troublesome for you to shop for grocery products at a new city so you can order it from El Grocer which is an online e-store that will deliver the needed ingredients at your given address.

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Places You Must Visit in Dubai During Ramadan

Places to visit in dubai

When in Dubai you undoubtedly have a number of options in places to go but as you know the month of Ramadan is a special one so there are some specific spots which you shouldn’t miss out for your Ramadan in Dubai. Some of these places are:


The best way to start off your trip is by offering your prayers at a mosque so that you can connect to the holy festival in a much spiritual and deeper manner. There are some holy mosques that as a tourist you must visit. Among them, one of the mosques is the Jumeirah-Mosque. It is the most popular and beautiful mosque in the whole of Dubai. Thousands of worshippers come here to offer their praying. However, for Non –Muslim tourists the entry is only possible if you come through in an organized tour. Here, as a visitor, you can be a part of the various open door and open mind events conducted especially for the tourists so that they can familiarize with the religion and the heritage.

As you know planning a trip to a place like Dubai doesn’t always come easy. Different people travel to Dubai for different purposes therefore if you want to spend a good hassle-free time with your family and friends at this Arab city you must be ready with your reservations. Lucky for you, before you head on to the place you can carry out the reservations for a flight or a hotel room near a mosque at one place only i.e. web booking portal like Tajawal so that you don’t have to face any problem when you reach there.

The Burj Khalifa

If you ask does Ramadan affect tourists in Dubai? For the most part, it does. The streets, markets, major sites, and other prominent tourist spots are comparatively less crowded during this month than routine which makes it an ideal time for you to gather the best traveling memories by exploring famous sites like the world’s tallest building The Burj Khalifa.

You can do thrilling adventures; enjoy scrumptious cuisines and a lot more. Plus, during the nighttime from a top-heightened place in the building, you can have a pretty decent view of the skyline above the city and its road decorated for the festival.

The Walk- Jumeirah Beach Residence

The walk located the Dubai Marina area is among the most visited spot in Dubai where you can shop for numerous things and have good food. But at the time of Ramadan, it has much more than these for you. Apart from this each year the place hosts a series of events in celebration of Ramadan. These occasions cover various aspects of the festival, exhibition of cultural arts, retails, and different food items menu as per the Arabian tradition. By taking this tour you can see and learn everything that you need to about this special month from its origin to its expansion and its importance in the Islamic culture.

There are many other shows and events that take place for the Ramadan promotions in Dubai at multiple locations around the city for you to attend. However, it will be kind of a problem for you to reach these locations. In that case, you can book an Uber cab from the place where you are to the destination you want to be at. It is a convenient way to travel inside a city.

Shop at Dubai Markets and Mall

Shop at Dubai market Mall

Even though a major part of the city is mostly occupied with Ramadan prayers and preparations there is one area of tourism in Dubai that is least effected which is shopping as Dubai is a very well-known shopping destination throughout the world. Although there are specific time limits at some places that applies other than that, you can go shopping and make use of Ramadan shopping deals to make it even more fun.

The Dubai Mall

One of the most ideal places for you to satisfy your craving for shopping is the Dubai Mall which is situated at the heart of the city. It is the most popular mall in the area with a variety of choices in clothing and accessories and has many eateries. The opening and closing hours of the retail shops are adjusted as per the fasting schedule of the people.

As you know those who are fasting for the month are only exempted after the sunset and before the sunrise, therefore, the opening and closing time is adjusted accordingly. The mall is open till 1 AM or even till 2 at some places. You can also check out other tourist attractions like Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo located under the mall.

Dubai Night Market

After the daylong prayers and practices of Ramadan are over, people can go to the night market which is a common spot for locals to shop. There you will find many things related to the festival to shop for including its traditional jewelry. Other than this, there are also different types of spices sold in the night market. In these markets, you and your family can choose from varying choices in fashion, regional arts, and handcrafted materials for the festive season.

Plus, there are discounts on a lot of these items in the market. However, in case you cannot go to the market to shop you should know that Ramadan offers online shopping privileges as well. You can carry out shopping for various products from any e-commerce portal like Namshi and get save money on Ramadan discounts.

City Centre Deira

There are a number of things that you can do at the City Centre Deira like you can shop, watch a movie, try out multiple entertainment centers, and more. This mall has many retail outlets in clothing, accessories, electronics, etc and is among the oldest of all.

If you are a gadget freak the festive month of Ramadan is the best time for you to buy your favorite gadget. When in Dubai during Ramadan you can shop from Souq which is a well-known online shopping site so that you can avail the Ramadan mobile offers to purchase the mobile that you want.

Apart from mobile phones or any other electronic products you can enjoy discounts and offers on multiple other things as well from baby products, beauty accessories, to gift items, and many more with Ramadan special online shopping.

What Are The Things That as a Tourist You Must Take Care Of?

Dubai Ramadan Tourist Things to Remember

The Clothes You Wear

The month of Ramadan is the most sacred time of the year for the Muslim community and if you are visiting their country it is your primary duty to respect their boundaries which first and foremost begins with your dressing. As such people in Dubai have no restrictions on clothing but if you ask can men wear shorts in Dubai? It gets a little tricky during this festival.

Generally, yes a man can wear shorts in Dubai even in the Ramadan month but it should be a proper one and not too fancy. It should be of knee level or lower than that. When inside your home you can wear any type of cloth that you feel like but it is important that you maintain the decency in public places.

Behavior in Open Areas

Those who celebrate Ramadan give up on a lot of things for the whole month. There are certain orders that are issued during the 30 days of this festival for the comfort of the followers that you should know and there are few questions you should know the answer to before you go out on open so that you don’t hurt the sentiment of some other person or create trouble for yourself. These questions are:

Can you Drink Water in Dubai during Ramadan?

For those who are fasting and are prevented from having even a single drop of water throughout the day, it is tough to be around people who aren’t fasting. Therefore, it is prohibited to drink water in public areas for everyone.

If you want to drink water you must go to a closed area so that nobody can see you. Carry a bag along in which you can keep water or any eatable and make sure you don’t show it in an open area. Even hotels have a separate section for people who aren’t fasting.

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Can you Smoke in Dubai during Ramadan?

For Non-Muslims in Dubai, it is expected that they will co-operate with others and pay full respect to the demands and necessities of Ramadan. For Muslims, for this one-month smoking and drinking are refrained as well therefore, it is hoped that the ones who don’t celebrate this month will not smoke in crowded areas.

To smoke, you may find a private place where no one can see you. It is done because as per the festival smoking or drinking during the occasion is impure along with many other activities such as doing bad actions, having negative thoughts, etc.

Is Alcohol available in Dubai during Ramadan?

Although to an extent the rule for drinking stays the same for everyone as for smoking, tourists who want to drink can get it after the sun is down.  The limitation on the alcohol sale has loosened up a little keeping in mind the tourist attraction in Dubai. However, selling and purchasing of alcohol during the day time has some serious repercussion.


As such you can go to Dubai to explore the sites and adventures at any time you want these sites are going nowhere but if you are really interested in knowing about the culture that people follow during Ramadan you will get many opportunities to learn about it. So if you are coming to Dubai this Ramadan here are some things that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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