Ramadan The Pious Festival Brings Exclusive Offers & Deals

What is Ramadan?

The holy month of the Islamic calendar is welcoming the Ramadan festival – the time of devotion, spiritual reflection and connecting with the Almighty God & the people.

It has been said that “ Ramadan is the most blessed month in the Islamic culture.”

With the beginning of the Ramadan month, the doors of the hell are closed & the doors of the heaven are opened and all evils powers are chained, preached by Prophet Mohommad. According to Muslims community in the divine month of Ramadan, it’s has been believed that the first verses of the Quran were revealed by God to the Prophet Mohommad.

In the month of Ramadan, people do fasting to strengthen their belief in God, do prayers and buy clothes & other things for charity to make the holy month more pious.

When is Ramadan Actually Starting in 2018?

In 2018, the month of the Ramadan is expected to start May 16 through June 16. As the dates are changed annually and determined by the gazing of the new moon. The whole month is celebrated with dedication, determination, and love towards the humanity.

From sources, it has been revealing out that over 1.6 billion of Muslims all over the globe do fasting during the divine month of the Ramadan. In the Arab world, the month of Ramadan is very suspicious for the people and they celebrate the whole month of Ramadan by visiting Mosques, abstain from drinking and eating whole day, get up early in the morning to eat power meal before fasting, eat Iftar after the sunset with family, and do charity by giving money, clothes, food & time to needy ones.

Do you know?

The Islamic religion is the second most grown religion in the world. Some of the nations that have the largest population of Muslim community include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Dubai, Turkey, Iran, Dubai and other countries of the Middle East, UAE.

Popular Presents & Gifts People Use to Buy during Ramadan

In the Middle East of the UAE, that posses the major Muslim majority celebrate the month of Ramadan with great enthusiasm and devotion. People used to do shopping for their home to decorate or to redefine the look of the interior or buying clothes for their family, loved ones and for charity too. People used to donate the shoes, books, clothes and other products to needy ones to take the blessing of the God who resides in the people.

In the evening time of the day, the beggars or poor people used to sit outside the Mosques where people donate food & drinks, dry fruits, and other eatable things. This can be seen in any Islamic city or country of the world like Dubai, UAE.

People who do charity and think about needy ones during the month of Ramadan, for such persons, there are some online shopping stores which offer all kind of products like items of clothing, footwear, food & drinks, grocery stuff and other home essentials as well.

In the month of Ramadan, these online stores in UAE low down their prices and offers special deals & discounts on the occasion of Ramadan whole month. In the Middle East from few years people used to buy or do shopping from these e-commerce stores. The quality products along with the saving deals give benefits to the people. It’s completely savvy – no need to go outside, just shop from your device and get the order at your doorstep. Both time and money saved at once.

For your ease, we elaborate this Shopping stores & Ramadan offers & deals in brief below:

In the UAE, dozens of online shopping stores are available for shopping. For example Souq, Wadi, Namshi, Groupon, Noon, Shein, and more enables customers amazing and exclusive deals for their shopping during festive.

From these stores, you can buy clothes, footwear, premium bags, food & drinks, and other products. All the stores are verified by the government and millions of people are accessing in the UAE. Currently, these shopping stores are offering special discount and cashback offers on the products to make this Ramadan month savvy and special for everyone. Above mentioned stores are for shopping purposes, but if you are planning to visit other state or country in Ramadan month then you must need the flights. For your leisure, we are sharing some of the best reliable travel companies sites that provide saving deals & coupons in the Ramadan month.

The travel companies such as Musafir, Elabelz, Rehlat, Etihad, Cleartrip, and Tajawal are some of the highly rated travel portals in the Middle East.  On this portals, you will find numerous flight booking or hotel booking offers for your favorite destinations at best prices.

Shopping stores in UAE offering Special Ramadan Deals

Souq – Welcoming Ramadan via Special Deals & Offers
Souq the trending shopping store in the Dubai, making this Ramadan month special for everyone. The portal introducing exclusive deals & offers on premium products. Choose from the wide range of brands and products & get the free delivery services on orders over AED 100.

Wadi – The Ramadan Bazaar Online
On the occasion of Ramadan festival, Wadi introducing the online Ramadan Bazaar. You can win cashback on buying products Up to SAR 500. This exciting bazaar is full of products that are set at cheap prices. Whereas, discount or cashback can be varied as per product.

Awok – Ramadan Sale Begins From AED 1
Purchase the home essentials or daily need products & accessories at best prices. Remake your home with new home products. Offers start at AED 1 only. Find the branded products at lowest prices.

Rehlat – Ramadan Travel Deals
Rehlat the well-known travel portal in the UAE, offering the best travel deals on booking flights & hotels. Just enter the destination and get the list of best flights with lowest price tags. Book the premium hotels at best prices and enjoy the comfortable stay.

These are the selected stores we introduced with you, as there are numerous stores which are on the list. You can check out our all stores section and find your respective store along with the deals & coupons. We hope this blog helps you to shop for best products by saving maximum money this Ramadan.

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Ramadan The Pious Festival Brings Exclusive Offers & Deals